Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Destination: Baguio (day 2)

After just one night at Baguio, Inggo decided he wants to live there.

Second day, and Inggo just don't want to leave. Before we head on our last tour, we explore (and jogged) the famous spot where Manny Pacquio would always train once his at Baguio City and it was just around the village where our transient house is!

 at the terrace of our room.. a very high cliff!

 i guess I've given enough.. hahahaha.. and my son is my no.1 cheerer!

We were just so excited when we found out that our next itinerary will be somewhere out of Baguio. We were so thrilled to cross the boundaries of Baguio and La Trinidad.

 My son is just so thrilled to pick strawberries! I never thought he will enjoy this much at the Strawberry Farm!

 Visiting Camp John Hay is like a dream came true for me. I don't know but there is really something special in this place that I want to visit it. Plus the "eerie" ghost stories of Kuya Allan when we passed by the Teacher's Camp and the famous Hyatt Hotel make this long trip an extra special one.

We dropped by the Butterfly Garden where in the caretaker enjoyed taking pictures (pictorial that is!) of my son who is very much willing to cooperate with him. According to the caretaker, many famous people already visited this place. I think they are the ones who enjoyed my son's presence in there.

We kept on looking for activities that fits my son but unluckily, none of it was there. So we just decided to take a stroll as if we were in a foreign place and enjoy the coldness that surely we can't take but home to Manila. We were quite sad already in this part because we knew we were living the place in a few moments.

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