Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Destination: Baguio (day 1)

It's our son's 4th birthday and we're just sick and tired of having the traditional birthday parties.. So what we actually did is show him pictures of different places here in the Philippines and those tiny fingers in just one place.. the beautiful and literally cool place of "BAGUIO".
 Actually, this is really something that we didn't planned. This is the first ever trip of our family without any guidance and company of our parents (we are just both 24 year old parents to a 4 year old boy), our Ate who is with us all the time especially during trips like these to check and helped us out, no driver, no private transportation.. it is just us, our ipod, a gameboy for our son and a bunch of "lakas ng loob" and "kapal ng mukha" to face this travel alone.
First stop, we run out of budget for a tour package. I don't know what comes to my mind to finally decided to rent a transient house. Funny is, I learned everything via net. I've asked several transient houses and we've landed to a cozy house just along the Naguilian Road. We've rented the room too big for the three of us for just P600 a night.

our transient house at Naguilian Road
And would you believe it, we're just so lucky enough that the house's caretaker is offering a tour? It's the biggest problem that keeps on bothering me since this will gonna be our first time in Baguio . Kuya Allan, our caretaker/tour guide is really an angel sent from above. For just P2500, he toured us around Baguio for two days via this Honda upgraded Civic. Check out our ride:

First stop, got so tired and HUNGRY on our 8 hour trip from Manila that we are just so eager to find a good place to eat. Kuya Allan dropped us to this cheap but good resto just around the Burnham Park, "Salibao".

Sizzling Grilled Chicken and Fried Rice.. 2 huge plates of Fried Rice
Never thought eating sizzling can this be good. Are we just hungry or it just tastes good?

Who else will enjoy too what Burnham Park can offer but.. KIDS and kids at heart like us. We really enjoyed every spot at the place plus the fact that it is really cold! Wow, the best for me so far...

My son got scared ( as well as me!) at first, we are panicking we might get drowned until "Kuya Sagwanero" told us it is just 3 feet high.. huh? really?

 Photo Op with Kuya Sagwanero (camera shy)

We never forgot to bring our ever reliable stroller with us even if my son Inggo is quite big for it already :)

Inggo just got so tired playing and strolling around that by the time we reached Baguio Cathedral, he is fast asleep already! (plus the fact of the cold weather.. again, that will really drive you to a goodnight sleep)

He really enjoyed the temperature in here!
We can hardly wake-up Inggo but we have to since our next stop according to Kuya Allan will be a "major walkathon", and he's absolutely right! I think I lost a couple of pounds walking and climbing up and down the stairs of Botanical Garden. 

Iyakan moment with Inggo..

 Inggo looks like he's still having some day dreams here..

Our long day isn't over yet, and Kuya Allan is still very much excited to tour us around. So we make the most out of the day until the sunset here at the The Mansion.
 Don't ask what he's doing in there, he can't help it anymore. Forgive him, his just a small boy.

Our first day here in Baguio will really be something we'll treasure for the rest of our lives. Everything is our family's first. The second day is coming up next!

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